ETS SunScape 755

  The SunScape 755 is a max 12 minute bed that produces better results due to its powerful 55 full length 200-watt Wolff Speed System lamps and five 500-watt Ultimate Reflection facial tanners. This bed comes equipped with special filtered glass that reduces infrared heat by 98%. Maximum comfort is obtained through the revolutionary wide bench and canopy. Photometrically designed shoulder tanner provides additional tanning to the top of shoulders. The frosted acrylic also evenly distributes UV light for an all over tan.   

ETS SunScape 756V

  The SunScape 756V is a max 8 minute standup booth that features head to toe 200-watt lamps. This booth is equipped with an advance cooling system providing the highest level of comfort while achieving a deep dark tan. This booth is a quicker and upright version of the SS 755.   

Ergoline Open Sun 1050

  The Ergoline Open Sun 1050 is a max 12 minute bed equipped with 30 high-pressure lamps aligned perfectly throughout the canopy and base. This bed features superior ultra-performance reflector technology for an all over tan. Special filter glass ensures minimal discomfort from the high-pressure lamps. The bed also features an ergonomically designed base acrylic providing comfort while acquiring the deepest and darkest tan.


Ergoline Affinity 800

  The Ergoline Affinity 800 is a max 12 minute bed with 51 Ergoline VHP Turbo Power 160-watt UV lamps, 4 ultra-performance 520-watt high-pressure facial tanners, and 7 spaghetti lamp 25-watt shoulder tanners to ensure a head to toe tan. This bed features an ultra-performance reflector system allowing light to reach every part of the body. The Affinity 800 is considered the best out of the series and reaches to provide the highest level of comfort.